About Carl aka the primal boy

I'm a lifestyle and portrait photographer hailing from Southern California, known by the pseudonym “The Primal Boy”. A nickname which was given to me by friends as a result of my insatiable passion to be outside in nature. It’s a passion that’s fuelled my artistic ventures. My love for nature stems from an intrinsic desire to reconnect to my background as a Native American. Most of my time is spent in the clouds; visualizing composition and symmetry along with colour gradients, aesthetics (…and some more bizarre esoteric ideas). I define photography as the capturing of a vast ocean of color and patterns. I yearn to manifest my own psychedelic perspective of the world in my photographs. Although an avid hiker and “adventure addict “, it’s the human psyche and the mystique of the depth of human emotions that exist deep inside all of us which inspires my photography. My continual objective is to capture the light of the most vibrant and vivid beauty as it coexists in a symposium with extreme and painful darkness. To live, express and create is the truest form of passion for me.